Helloiid. Exposition au West Indies Green Festival 2023

Helloiid. Exhibition at West Indies Green Festival 2023

In the lively heart of the beautiful commune of Le Moule, located on the island of Guadeloupe, the Afro-Caribbean artist "HELLOIID" recently presented his remarkable talent during the famous outdoor art exhibition held at the "récif " on the occasion of the West Indies Green Festival 2023 .

With a captivating collection of 11 artworks , Helloiid has skillfully incorporated a variety of mediums, including pencils, watercolor, gouache and ballpoint pen. Inspired by the rich culture and characters of the Caribbean, his works not only reflect the essence of the region, but also bravely withstand unpredictable weather conditions with tarpaulin prints.

Let's delve into the fascinating world of Helloiid's works and discover the stories behind his magnificent creations.

1 • Gaia: The Earthly Mother

The first piece that catches the viewer's attention is “Gaïa”. This work of art captures the spirit of Mother Earth, and highlights the harmonious connection between man and nature. With a choice of soft colors and intricate ballpoint pen details, “Helloiid” depicts the importance of preserving our planet.

2 • The Villageoise: The Villageoise

In “La Villageoise”, “Helloiid” creates a new character from her own fictional Caribbean world called “the village girl”, a beautiful woman with thick features, generous shapes and a captivating look. Produced on digital media using Photoshop, it captures her grace, her strength and the depth of her soul which emanates from her eyes.

3 • The Antillaise in Paris: The Antillean woman in Paris

“The Antillaise in Paris” depicts the bold and dynamic spirit of the Antillean woman as she comfortably sips her péyi chocolate in her small apartment in Paris. The juxtaposition of her colorful outfit with background patterns inspired by Caribbean flora creates an almost hypnotizing contrast.

4 Figi: The face

In "FIGI" coming from the Creole word face, "Helloiid" takes a detailed close-up of her new character from her own fictional Caribbean world called "the village girl". With a grain texture making up the heart of the work, he creates the portrait using Photoshop, and captures an intriguing emotion in her gaze.

5 • Bianca: Beauty in simplicity

“Bianca” captures the essence of simplicity and elegance. Through delicate lines and a predominantly cool palette, Helloiid celebrates the natural beauty and grace of the new goddess of its Caribbean-inspired universe, reminding us that true beauty and confidence lies within.

6 • Freshwater Fish: Freshwater fish

Diving into the aquatic world, “Freshwater Fish” pays homage to the vibrant underwater life of Caribbean rivers and lakes. Bright colors and fluid brushstrokes using acrylic bring the fish to life, celebrating the aquatic biodiversity of the region.

7 • Madam: The Lady

With "Madanm", Helloiid creates a pattern composed solely of a woman wearing an afro headdress. Thanks to the ballpoint pen used to create the work, it highlights each feature of the faces in its composition.

8 • Nom: The gentleman

In “Nonm,” Helloiid turns her attention to Caribbean men. Through intricate details in the facial expressions, he captures their essence, their charisma and their courage, honoring the role they play in Guadeloupean society.

9 • I Enmé Koy: She loves herself

“I Enmé Koy” is a visual representation of the love we have for ourselves. Like a woman examining her reflection, her features, her scars and her deepest wounds. She remains in awe. With a fusion of warm colors and soft brushstrokes, Helloiid invites viewers to fully embrace themselves.

10 • MAMA: The mother

“Mama” pays homage to the strong matriarchal figures of Caribbean families. Through soft lines and nourishing colors, Helloiid beautifully captures the love, warmth and light that a mother emanates when she gives birth.

11 • Twa Tèt: Three Heads

Closing the collection, “Twa Tèt” represents the universe and know-how surrounding frizzy hair in multicultural Caribbean society. With three intertwined heads, adorned with long braids that revolve around their afros, Helloiid simply celebrates the beauty of frizzy hair.

Helloiid's participation in the outdoor collective art exhibition at the West Indies Green Festival at Le Moule was an extraordinary showcase of Afro-Caribbean art. Through his captivating collection of 11 works printed on tarpaulin to meet the constraints of time, he succeeded in representing the beauty of his universe and the diverse spirit of the West Indies, leaving a beautiful impression on all those who had the pleasure of live your artistic journey.

You can now bring some of this captivating exhibit into your daily life by visiting the rest of the helloiid website at the Products – HELLOIID page to explore available Posters and Phone Cases, and let its captivating art become an integral part of your life.



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