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About The Artist

Helloiid is an artist, musician and graphic designer from Guadeloupe. He was born in 2000 and started drawing and painting at the age of 4. He studied for two years at the Caribbean Campus of Arts in Martinique, then continued his studies in marketing and visual communication.

His art is inspired by his Afro-Caribbean culture and his attachment to nature. It explores themes such as identity, expression of emotions and spirituality. His works are often surreal and full of bright colors.

Helloiid is a committed artist who wants to use his art to send positive messages. He wants his art to inspire people to find their voice and navigate the world more fiercely. He believes that art has the power to heal, inspire and bring people together.

In 2023, Helloiid first exhibited her work at the West Indies Green Fest, an eco-friendly music and art festival. His collection received critical acclaim and brought Helloiid to the public's attention.

Helloiid is a talented and promising artist who has a bright future ahead of him. His art is both beautiful and engaging, and it has the potential to reach a wide audience.